May 13, 2024
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Space Race: Boeing Launch Postponed But It’s Still A ‘Buy’ | Nemo

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The Boeing Company

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Boeing was supposed to launch its Starliner capsule, designed as a rival to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, on Monday 6 May, in its first crewed test run. But it was postponed until 17 May due to a faulty valve in the rocket that was carrying the capsule. While the rocket was an Atlas made by United Launch Alliance, this story still fits a pattern that Boeing has experienced over the past few months - bad press due to dangerous technical faults. 

However, Boeing stock is still a ‘Buy’, unlike competitor Northrop Grumman which is still a ‘Hold’. Despite recent successes like an ongoing contract with NASA to undertake resupply missions for the International Space Station, analysts don’t think Northrop Grumman’s stock has the same potential for investors to profit. 

We’ve previously written about a couple of other major players in the space industry right now, L3 Harris (currently recommended a ‘Buy’) and Intuitive Machines (currently a ‘Strong Buy’ - so according to some analysts, the best of the bunch)! 

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The Boeing Company’s stock has dropped 7.84% over the last 6 months, but in the last month has risen by 3.79%. Analysts think the stock’s value could continue to rise, perhaps by 24.14% over the next year. This would mean investors who put in $1000 stand the chance to profit $241.38.

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We previously covered Boeing in a post about the safety issues associated with the company’s aircraft and how the negative press that came from this was affecting the stock. While Boeing is perhaps mostly known for its commercial planes, widely used by many airlines, the company also has a Defence, Space & Security (BDS) segment, which works on military aircraft, weapons systems and spacecraft. 

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