Nemo’s purpose is to ensure you never miss out on investment opportunities.

We’re here to put investment ideas at your fingertips so that it's easy for you to spot them, and invest.

What is Nemo?

At Nemo, we believe that investing does not need to be extremely complicated or scary. It is one way to take charge of your financial future, so you should feel empowered, not on edge.

This is why we created Nemo where you can browse trends and ultra-relevant data to invest in stocks that present exciting and even unexpected opportunities. Fuel that with easy-to-digest financial numbers, and you’ve got an investment pocket rocket.

Is Nemo safe?

Absolutely. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that when you're investing with Nemo, you're using the best-in-class technology. This means your funds are secure and completely segregated from our own. Plus, we are fully regulated by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority), one of the country’s best regarded regulators.

Also, all deposits of up to $500,000 are protected with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Nemo History

While Nemo is a newbie, our parent company, Exinity Group, is 25 years old. This means you're in great company with a team who have a wealth of experience in online investing as well as 2m+ clients worldwide.
Oh, and did we mention our offices are local too? Helps to know we're never too far away.

Nemo. It stands for never miss out.

No more FOMO: install Nemo today and never miss out on another investment opportunity.