Trade CFDs with Nemo

Commission-free with no monthly fee.

What's more, Nemo doesn't charge any fees for depositing. Withdrawals over $100 are free too!


We want you to know about spreads. It's the difference between the price you buy a CFD at, and the price you can sell it at. This is a cost for participating in any financial market, regardless of which company you choose to trade with.
Spreads will change with market conditions, but Nemo's CFD spreads are always competitive. The minimum is zero, however in truth, this happens rarely: You can see how small the live spread is by looking at the market details section of the market's page.

Overnight financing also known as swaps

When you trade with a boost - also known as use leverage - you'll only contribute a small fraction of the trade size in hard cash, and the rest you borrow from Nemo. Each night Nemo will charge you a small % fee for borrowing those funds.

You can see how small the fee is by looking at the market details section of the market's page.

Boost rates

Nemo is regulated in Abu Dhabi by ADGM FSRA. Our regulator places a cap on how much you can boost your trades with - also known as use leverage. This is to help protect you, and ensure you can't take too much risk.

The rates are:
X30 for large FX markets
X20 for indices and smaller FX markets
X10 for commodities
X5 for equities
X2 for Cryptos

Nemo. It stands for never miss out.

No more FOMO: install Nemo today and never miss out on another investment opportunity.