Trading CFDs with Nemo

Spot, Trade, Win: Nemo instantly alerts you when there's a trading opportunity that matches your goals and interests
No Commissions, Competitive Spreads: Enjoy commission-free trades with tight spreads.
Global Markets, Endless Possibilities: Trade gold, oil, indices, FX pairs like EUR/USD, and more with ease.
Trade Your Way, Any Size: From big trades to small. Nemo works well for all portfolio sizes.

Why trade CFDs?

Protect Your Investments

Hedge your portfolio against losses with strategic CFD positions.

24/5 Market Access

Trade anytime, anywhere with round-the-clock market availability five days a week.

Go Long or Short

You can pocket potential profits even when the market is going down.Protect Your Investments: Hedge your portfolio against losses with strategic CFD positions.

Diverse Opportunities

Access various asset classes beyond stocks and ETFs including commodities indices and FX.

Maximise Potential

Nemo calls leverage boost. It amplifies your exposure with minimal capital, but be mindful of risks.

Quick Results

Unlike investing, CFD trades yield results over shorter timeframes. Whether it's a win or a loss, you'll know the outcome definitively, allowing for swift adjustments and learning opportunities.

Take Control

With CFD trading, you're at the helm. You make the decisions, control your positions, and directly influence your outcomes.

Challenge Yourself

CFDs offer an exhilarating way to engage with financial markets, providing a platform for traders to test their skills and intuition. Join millions of traders worldwide challenging themselves with CFD trading.

Nemo. It stands for never miss out.

No more FOMO: install Nemo today and never miss out on another investment opportunity.