Why invest in cryptos with Nemo?

Invest in the most popular cryptos with zero commissions and no monthly fee.
Nemo doesn't charge any fees for depositing; withdrawals over $100 are free.


We want you to know about spreads. It's the difference between the price you buy a crypto at, and the price you can sell it at. This is a cost for participating in any financial market, regardless of which company you choose to invest with.
Spreads will change with market conditions, but Nemo's crypto spreads are always competitive. The minimum is zero, however in truth, this happens rarely: You can see how small the live spread is by looking at the market details section of the market's page.
When you invest in crypto with Nemo, you'll purchase the crypto as a "CFD," which means Contract for Difference.
No network fees
Trading cryptocurrencies can incur network fees, especially during periods of high demand. But when you invest in crypto's with Nemo, because the crypto is a CFD, you won't be charged any network fees.

Nemo. It stands for never miss out.

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