Feb 22, 2024
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Space, Air, Land, Sea, Cyber: This Powerful Company Makes Some Incredible Tech and Pays Above Average Dividends

Name of opportunity: 👀

L3Harris Technologies Inc

Big dividends: 💰

Looking at L3Harris Technologies’ page on Nemo, you can see that it is listed as giving above average dividends according to analysts. They say LHX could be a good stock for investors who are looking to use their portfolio to earn passive income. The dividend yield is 2.11% - if you were to invest $1000, you would earn back $21.10 in dividends. 

There are also indications that L3Harris Technologies might increase the amount of dividends it pays. Analysts projected a DPS (Dividend Per Share) of $4.82 in the future, compared to $4.56 over the last year.

How hot is this investment opportunity? 🔥🔥🔥

The general analyst recommendation right now is to buy LHX. The target price of $242.24 is higher than the current share price of $216.12, which suggests that analysts expect LHX to increase in value. 

The company’s revenue last year was $19.419 billion, an increase of 13.81% from $17.062 billion in 2022. Overall, analysts say L3Harris Technologies is in a state of above average financial health. 

Expertise in many different areas: 🧑‍🔬

L3Harris Technologies works in the defence, commercial and civil sectors, designing and making advanced technological products, with work broken down into three main areas. 

The company’s work in Integrated Mission Systems includes electro-optical and infrared technology, surveillance and reconnaissance products, and some products for the commercial aviation industry. 

Another segment of the company produces Communication Systems such as personal radios that can be used to keep in contact in extremely harsh conditions, meaning that these radios are approved for use by firefighters. 

Finally, L3Harris also works on Space and Airborne Systems - this work includes missile-detection satellites and space payloads. Payload means the part of a spacecraft that transports material. 

Which neme?: 🔍

LHX is available as part of our ‘Space’ neme. 

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