Feb 26, 2024
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Intuitive Machines Stock Value High, As Their Spacecraft Lands Safely On The Moon

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Intuitive Machines

First US landing in over 50 years: 🌜

The last time the US landed a spacecraft on the moon was in 1972, so this is big news for the country’s space programme. Because of this mission, LUNR has been rising in value, currently standing at $12.06 after a gigantic +200% rise over the last month. 

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LUNR is currently recommended by analysts as a ‘Strong Buy’. The company is considered to have above average financial health, with a quarterly cash flow per share of US$1.94. 

With the recent success of the moon landing, Intuitive Machines may have secured its position as one of the United States’ key players in the space exploration market. Some predict this market will only become larger and more profitable in the years to come. 

Contracted by NASA: 🌌

Intuitive Machines currently holds three contracts with NASA to deliver payloads to the moon surface. It has a better reputation than some other aerospace companies, such as Virgin Galactic which is apparently experiencing financial difficulties. The company is well-respected for its use of new and creative technology - the Odysseus spacecraft uses a new type of engine, powered by liquid methane and liquid oxygen. Some say this ‘methalox’ fuel system could be the key to deep space travel in the future. 

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