Mar 8, 2024

Smart Investment Strategies of 5 Successful Female Investors


t’s no secret that the world of finance and investment is still an area where women are underrepresented. Most ‘top investors’ lists published online default to profile men synonymous with successful investing. But a host of women have made their mark in the investing world and continue to demonstrate remarkable prowess in navigating the complexities of the stock market.  

In honour of International Women’s Day (8 March), we shine a light on five successful female investors, highlighting their unique strategies or trading ideologies that have contributed to their outstanding track records.  

5 female investors and the investment strategies that have made them successful  

1. Geraldine Weiss

A successful female investors list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Geraldine Weiss – known as the "Grand Dame of Dividends". Geraldine was a pioneering figure in the world of finance, renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to investment analysis and her innovative approach to dividend investing.

Geraldine began her career in finance in the 1960s, drawing inspiration from her father, a financial journalist. Early on, she recognised that dividends could serve as a valuable indicator of a company's financial health and long-term prospects.  

She developed a systematic approach to evaluating dividend-paying stocks, focusing on factors such as earnings, dividends, and market performance. Her methodology involved rigorous research and analysis, as well as a keen understanding of market dynamics and economic trends. Geraldine’s disciplined approach to dividend investing set her apart from her peers and earned her a reputation as a savvy and insightful investor.

Over the years, Weiss's investment philosophy proved to be highly successful, generating impressive returns for herself and her clients. She published several bestselling books on dividend investing, including "Dividends Don't Lie" and "The Dividend Connection," which became essential resources for investors seeking to capitalise on the power of dividends.

Geraldine’s legacy continues to inspire investors through her pioneering work in dividend investing and her passion for financial literacy and education for all.  

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2. Cathie Wood  

Cathie Wood is a self-made success story. From starting her career as an assistant economist in the late 1970s to founding her own investment company in 2014, Cathie has been bold in her approach to investments.  

She is best known for her contrarian approach with bold and innovative investment strategies, particularly in disruptive technologies and emerging trends. Her investment philosophy revolves around the idea of identifying and capitalising on exponential growth opportunities, focusing on companies at the forefront of technological innovation and investing early in their journey. She’s also been a vocal advocate for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, which she believes will revolutionise the global financial system.

She’s particularly invested in the high-technology categories of artificial intelligence, blockchain, DNA sequencing, energy storage, and robotics.

Cathie's approach involves extensive research and a deep understanding of emerging trends. She takes a long-term view and is willing to invest in companies with high growth potential, even if they face high volatility in the short term.

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3. Sarah Ketterer  

Sarah Ketterer is a prominent figure in the finance world, celebrated for her exceptional investment acumen. After obtaining her MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, she honed her skills as an equity research analyst at several prestigious firms before co-founding her own company and guiding its growth into a global leader in asset management.  

At the heart of Sarah’s investment philosophy lies the principle of value investing, a strategy popularised by Warren Buffett, although she has refined traditional value investing for the complexities of today's dynamic market landscape.

Sarah’s philosophy prioritises identifying undervalued stocks with the potential for long-term growth, while her approach to investment management is characterised by a commitment to fundamental analysis, a contrarian mindset, and a steadfast focus on long-term value creation.

She believes in conducting thorough fundamental analysis, focusing on metrics such as cash flow, earnings growth, and valuation multiples to uncover opportunities in the market.  

Her unwavering discipline and patience mean that Sarah isn’t swayed by short-term market fluctuations or popular sentiment but instead maintains a steadfast focus on the underlying fundamentals of the businesses in which she invests.  

Sarah isn’t afraid to swim against the tide, often investing in companies or sectors that aren’t ‘popular’ in the market but possess strong underlying fundamentals and significant long-term growth potential. This contrarian approach has proven highly effective, allowing her to uncover hidden gems and generate great returns.  

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4. Barbara Corcoran  

Barbara Corcoran, best known as a successful entrepreneur, author, and television personality on the hit show "Shark Tank," has also made a name for herself as an investor with a distinctive strategy and style. While her investments on "Shark Tank" are public, her broader investment approach outside the show provides insight into her overall strategy.

Barbara’s investment style is characterised by her willingness to take calculated risks and her keen eye for spotting opportunities in both traditional and unconventional markets. She has a knack for identifying promising entrepreneurs and innovative business ideas, often focusing on companies with strong growth potential and passionate founders.

One aspect of Barbara’s investment strategy is her emphasis on investing in people rather than just ideas or products. She looks for entrepreneurs who demonstrate not only a compelling business concept but also the drive, determination, and resilience to succeed in the face of challenges.

In addition to investing in people, she is known for her preference for investing in industries and sectors that align with her interests and expertise. As a successful real estate entrepreneur herself, she has a deep understanding of the real estate market and has made investments in various real estate-related businesses. However, Barbara’s investment portfolio is diversified across a range of industries, including technology, consumer products, and hospitality.

Barbara’s investment style also reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to think outside the box. She is not afraid to take risks or pursue unconventional opportunities, often investing in companies or ideas that others may overlook. This boldness has allowed her to capitalise on emerging trends and seize opportunities that have led to significant returns on her investments.

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5. Mary Barra

Mary Barra is widely recognised as one of the most influential leaders in the automotive industry, renowned for her strategic vision, innovation-driven approach, and transformative leadership style as the Chairman and CEO of General Motors (GM). Her journey from an 18-year-old Quality Inspector to the top executive position is a testament to her tenacity and enduring spirit.  

While Mary Barra is not primarily known for her investment style in the traditional sense, her leadership at GM has been characterised by investment in long-term growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Under Mary’s leadership, GM has undergone a significant transformation, shifting its focus towards electric and autonomous vehicles, sustainable mobility solutions, and technological innovation. Her strategic vision is centred around the idea of positioning GM as a leader in the future of transportation, embracing emerging trends such as electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving.

Mary’s investment strategy is driven by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as her commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Under her leadership, GM has made significant strides towards reducing its carbon footprint, with ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2040 and to offer only electric vehicles by 2035. She has also championed diversity and inclusion within the company, recognising the importance of fostering a diverse workforce and inclusive culture to drive innovation and business success.

These bold strategic moves have not only positioned GM for success in the rapidly evolving automotive industry, but her approach to innovative investment has solidified her legacy as a visionary leader too.

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Forging ahead in finance

These five remarkable women have achieved success in the world of investing by applying their unique strategies and ideologies. Whether it's through value investing, contrarian approaches, or leveraging technology and data analytics, they have demonstrated that there are multiple paths to success in the stock market. As more women continue to make their mark in finance, their diverse perspectives and approaches will contribute to a more inclusive and innovative industry. And we’re all for it!  

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