Apr 28, 2023

AI investment opportunities for ambitious, intelligent investors


309.6 billion. According to a recent report*, that’s what the AI market is predicted to be worth by 2026. That’s an impressive 39.7% compound annual growth rate from the 2021 figure of $58.3 billion.

With numbers like that, it’s clear that AI is bursting with investing opportunities ripe for the picking. But how do you find these AI companies to invest in?

AI Investment Opportunities: Exploring the Future

Well, the smart way is to lean on our AI!

How to find AI investment opportunities with Nemo

Nemo is here to make sure you never miss out on opportunities. With this in mind, we have two ways we can help when it comes to AI investment.

1. Say hi to Nemo AI

Yes, Nemo has an AI assistant ready and waiting to answer any investment questions. In fact, unlike the Nemo platform that is only available to residents of the UAE, Nemo AI is available globally, provided you’ve completed a quick and easy registration.

Here’s how Nemo AI introduces itself:

“Hi, I'm Nemo AI!
I'm here to help you make informed investing decisions. I can provide insights and analysis on different stocks and markets. Here are some ideas of what you can ask me:
- What's the price of Tesla?
- Tell me about Delta?
- What does Amegen do?
- Compare Ford to Tesla
- What are dividends?"

Head over for a chat with Nemo AI.

2. The AI neme from Nemo

Nemo brings AI investment opportunities to the palm of your hand with our AI neme. A neme is a themed collection of stocks or ETFs, that are grouped together based on industry, price movements, social mentions or other criteria. As we’re talking about artificial intelligence today, the AI neme is packed with companies either directly involved in the AI industry or using AI in their business.

The AI neme currently lists 12 companies to consider for investment. On Nemo, you can sort by price changes in different periods or current price, but for the sake of objectivity, we’ve listed them in alphabetical order.

12 AI stocks to invest in

1. Alibaba Group – ADR (BABA)
Alibaba utilises AI for e-commerce personalization, logistics, and cloud computing services.

2. Alphabet – A (GOOGL)
Alphabet, the parent company of Google, uses AI in numerous applications, including search, advertising, autonomous vehicles, and natural language processing.

3. Amazon (AMZN)
Amazon uses AI in various aspects of its business, including product recommendations, logistics optimization, and voice assistant technology.

4. Baidu – ADR (BIDU)
Baidu leverages AI for its search engine, advertising, autonomous vehicles, and voice assistant technologies.

5. BigBear.ai Holdings Inc (BBAI)
BigBear.ai provides AI-driven analytics and data processing solutions for the defense, intelligence, and commercial sectors.

6. BuzzFeed Inc (BZFD)
BuzzFeed announced in January 2023 plans to use OpenAI for “AI inspired content”.

7. C3.ai Inc. (AI)
C3.ai offers a scalable AI software platform to enable enterprises to develop and deploy AI applications across various industries.

8. Meta Platforms (META)
Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) employs AI for content filtering, personalization, and virtual reality experiences.

9. Microsoft (MFST)
Microsoft develops and integrates AI technologies into its products and services, such as Azure AI, Cortana and natural language processing.

10. Nvidia (NVDA)
NVIDIA is a leading provider of AI-focused hardware, including GPUs, and software tools for various industries.

SoundHound AI develops voice recognition and natural language understanding solutions powered by AI technology.

12. Tencent Holdings Limited (TCEHY)
Tencent employs AI across its products and services, including gaming, social media, advertising, and cloud computing.

Interested in investing in AI? We make it easy with Nemo. Either chat with Nemo AI or check out the AI neme, and tap on any company to view more detailed company information, market statistics as well as analyst sentiment.

Or how about ask Nemo AI for a balanced view of the AI neme? That’s like Nemo AI inception. Woah.

*Source: Markets and Markets

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