Sep 28, 2023

How to Make The Most Of Nemo And Nemes

If you’re new to discovering Nemo, firstly – welcome!  

Secondly, you may have seen that we’re a little different to most investment platforms you’ve come across.  

That’s because when we looked at the investing world, we found it to be complex and noisy. For newcomers to investing, it’s really hard to navigate. And while there are many investment platforms to choose from, we didn’t feel they were delivering information in a way that really empowers investors in their investment journey. Too many opportunities were being missed, and we don't want people to miss out on the right moments to invest ever again.  

And so, we built Nemo.  

Using a unique blend of advanced AI technology combined with traditional market analysis, Nemo scans through thousands of data points and market-related news to allow you to spot investments that could be yours. Cutting through the noise and looking at data that matters most. Company backgrounds. Historical prices and the latest movements. All backed by analysis, investment sentiment and potential price forecasts from experienced market analysts.  

With this wealth of insightful information, we took it a step further and create something we call nemes!

What is a neme?

Nemes are groups of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on trends, topics, industries, or investment strategies and goals. Think of these as lists of investment opportunities all connected to that topic. Nemes aim to help you find stocks that are growing, stable, volatile, trending, set to pay you dividends... and more!

On the platform, you’ll find nemes in various categories, with some featuring in multiple sections.

Category Description Example nemes
Around the world Nemes made up of international companies that you can access through the US stock exchange, grouped by region. Made in the UAE
Made in the UK
Largest US Stocks
Financial Nemes comprising investment opportunities grouped based on different financially orientated goals, strategies, or outcomes. High Volatility Stocks
Analyst Recommended
Popular Dividend Stocks
Social media These nemes aim to spot online conversations and social media content that could turn into opportunities. Top Stocks on Reddit
Meme Stocks
Top Stocks on X/Twitter
ETFs Nemes made up of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are themselves groups of companies collated based on certain criteria. Popular ETFs
Dividend ETFs
Analysis Nemes curated together based on specific analysis-led insights, often related to big price movements (both up or down) and analyst sentiment on investment. Top Gainers Today
What Analysts Say
Stocks on the Move
Industries Nemes featuring stocks grouped by industry, interest, or ideology. Oil & Gas
Electric Vehicles
Female Leaders
Green Energy

3 ways to make the most of nemes on the Nemo platform

1. Follow your favourites ⭐

When you’re in the platform, in the top right-hand corner of each neme, you’ll see a star to click on. This lets you follow nemes and gives them prime position on the platform when you’re logged on. It’s like creating a Nemo ‘watchlist’ (à la Netflix) of all your favourite investment opportunities.  

Also, it means that Nemo.Money can send you highly relevant alerts, aligned with your interests and favourites.  

2. Activate alerts 🔔

Big price changes. The volume of online conversations about specific investments is skyrocketing. Or analyst recommended changes about a particular stock.  

All potential investments!

When you activate alerts, notifications will be sent to your phone in real-time to let you know about critical movements, developments or conversations that could be explored as investment opportunities.

P.S. Remember to allow notifications to receive your alerts.  

3. Instant research 🧐

Tap on any neme to see the key information and overview of the basis, purpose and rationale of being identified as an investment opportunity. Here, you’ll also find the list of stocks and ETFs meeting the criteria. You can sort this list by several options, including but not limited to Potential Profit (12 Months), Price, or Market Cap.  

From here, you can dive deeper into the fundamentals of any stock or ETF with another quick tap. Data and information from a range of sources is presented in an easy-to-understand way, highlighting the most important aspects to evaluate when deciding whether to invest.  

Key elements include:  

  • About: A brief overview of the company, what they do, what products or services they provide, any notable achievements or unique features.  
  • Price chart: Showing price movements for a number of different time periods, e.g. a day, a month, 5 years.
  • Investment Type (in BETA): Outlines the investment type of the stock, e.g., growth stock.
  • Financial Health (in BETA):  A rating of the company’s financial status based on factors like profitability, cash flow, revenue and book value per share.  
  • Analyst Recommendation: An indication of analyst sentiment on whether to Buy, Hold or Sell the stock.  
  • Potential Profit (12 months): A projected estimate of potential profit for the coming year.  
  • … also appears in: Highlights any other nemes the stock is featured in.
  • Market stats: Includes key metrics and values such as market capitalisation (market cap), Price to Earnings (PE) ratio, Earnings Per Share (EPS), and Dividend Yield, if applicable.
  • Financial Health (in BETA):  A rating of the company’s financial status based on factors like profitability, cash flow, revenue and book value per share.
  • Key data: Itemises various significant financial data points relating to quarterly and annual EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), cash flow, and book value per share, amongst others.
  • Explained in simple terms: A comprehensive breakdown of the financial information and performance of the company, presented in clear, easy-to-understand language.  

Take action!

Lastly, but certainly not least, let’s not forget those all-important Buy and Sell buttons! Once you’ve worked your way through the on-hand research and analysis, and you’re ready to make your move, simply tap on the Buy or Sell button (whichever is appropriate) and take your next step.  

With SO much incredible information, data and potential investments wrapped up in just one neme, don’t you think it’s time to take a look at the Nemo.Money investment platform?  

Nick Scott

Nick Scott, Senior VP of Product & Marketing at Nemo, leads with a passion for guiding customers towards investment opportunities aligned with their goals and interests. With a career rooted in the retail brokerage sector, Nick's experience spans notable firms including LMAX, GAIN Capital, and StoneX. A graduate of St Andrew University in Scotland with a Master's Degree in Business Management, Nick finds balance through staying active and indulging his love for sports outside of work.