Feb 21, 2024
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Will super popular NVDA jump in value after earnings release?

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NVIDIA Corporation

Stock could move by 10-11% tomorrow: 🧨 

Everyone is waiting for NVIDIA Corp to release its earnings after markets close today, and it’s been forecasted that tomorrow alone the value could move by 10-11% in response to the news. 

Already the fourth largest stock in the world, a 10-11% move for NVDA stock would equate to about US$200 billion (the size of Disney’s entire market cap)!

How hot is this investment opportunity? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This could be absolutely massive. NVIDIA has already gone from strength to strength in the last year, increasing in value by a gigantic 251.67% in 2023. 

Analysts say NVIDIA is in excellent financial health, and the recommendation across these financial experts is to buy NVDA stock. 

NVDA is a growth stock - NVIDIA Corp reinvests a large amount of profits back into the business in order to expand. Analysts say that growth stocks offer investors the chance to make significant earnings. Its projected price-to-earnings ratio of 58.47 suggests there is a general vote of confidence in NVDA as an investment. 

Accelerate!: 🏎️

NVIDIA Corporation describes what the company does as ‘accelerated computing’. They make advanced computer chips such as high powered GPUs (graphic processing units) that are able to cope with the increased demands of AI. They are also working on developing powerful supercomputers. 

While their work is revolutionizing the gaming industry, it also has uses in a wide range of different sectors. BMW uses NVIDIA’s technology for the Omniverse project, in which professionals based around the world work together in a virtual factory.

NVIDIA’s ‘digital twins’ of spaces such as factories, warehouses and railway networks let their clients run tests and simulations using realistic physics. The digital spaces can also be used to train robots in a virtual environment before switching them on for real - for example, warehouse robots that select stock. Now that’s futuristic. 

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