Mar 6, 2024
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Price Increased By 3.72% In One Day 

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co

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TSM’s price jumped 3.72% yesterday, which could be because people are feeling so confident about the company’s position in the AI semiconductor market. Taiwan as a country is one of the biggest producers of semiconductors - and since 2020, the world has been experiencing a global chip shortage. This has affected many different markets, from the car industry to home computing. Analysts think Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co may be building a reputation as one of the key companies who can solve that problem. 

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The price of TSM is up 44.23% in the last 6 months. 

Some analysts think this stock could have real longevity, as the semiconductor market will only grow. LLMs (large language models, the software that trains and powers AI technology) need to use highly powered computers that use this special type of chip. Apple, Nvidia and Tesla all buy their chips from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, which shows that it is a leading player. 

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Semiconductors are used in many different industries, playing a vital role in home electronics, smart phones and car production. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co is the second most valuable semiconductor company in the world, as well as the biggest company in its home country. In 2023, the company was ranked 44th in the Forbes Global 2000. TSMC has been planning to expand into other countries since the beginning of the 2020s, with foundries planned in Arizona and Japan, as well as a joint venture with Germany to open a factory as the European Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

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‘What Analysts Say’ and ‘Microchips’

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