Feb 27, 2024
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SharkNinja Inc Could Grow In Value By +19.96% In The Next Year, Say Analysts

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SharkNinja Inc 

Q4 earnings reveal: 💵

On February 15, SharkNinja’s figures for Q4 showed the company’s sales had risen by 17%, to US$1.38 billion. One of the strongest areas of growth was kitchen appliances, which saw a whopping rise in sales of 31.5%. 

This indicates that the company is performing well, and analysts also say that SharkNinja is in above average financial health. The company’s EBITDA (earnings before expenses) is $441.99 million over the last 12 months.

Earlier this month, the company hosted its EMEA Launch Event, announcing plans to expand further in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as introducing 20 new products. The company seems to have growth on its mind. It already trades in 26 global markets. 

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Analysts say the price of Sharkninja Inc might increase from $53.85 to $64.60 in the next 12 months. This means that if you invested $1000, you might profit $199.63. It’s currently recommended by analysts as a ‘Strong Buy’.

What’s a shark ninja?: 🦈 

SharkNinja Inc is actually named after its two most popular brands, both of which are big players in the household devices space - Shark and Ninja. 

Ninja is very well known for its air fryers, but also makes a wide range of other kitchen tools. Shark makes cleaning devices such as vacuum cleaners, as well as a tool anyone on BeautyTok is no doubt aware of - the runaway success Shark FlexStyle hair styler. On 31 July last year, SharkNinja became an independent public company and it became available to trade on the stock exchange. 

Which neme?: 🔍

This stock is not currently available as part of a neme, only individually. 

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