May 1, 2024
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Pinterest Stock Could Grow By 25% Over The Next Year | Nemo

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Pinterest, Inc

On the up for the last 6 months: 🗓️

Stock in Pinterest, or PIN, has gone up by 22.51% in the last 6 months. 

Analysts think it could continue to rise in value, perhaps increasing from $34.48 to $43.15 over the next year.

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Pinterest is currently recommended as a ‘Buy’. The company has been the subject of recent positive press, with some analysts highlighting Pinterest’s creative, largely female user base as a great opportunity for advertisers looking to attract customers in particular niches. PayPal Holdings has apparently expressed interest in acquiring it. It has 450 million users, with a lot of people discovering Pinterest during the pandemic, a significant percentage of whom have stuck around and continued using the platform. 

On the bulletin board: 📌

Pinterest was founded in 2009, and the website launched as a prototype in 2010 - it quickly gained popularity, with 10,000 users after only 9 months. Since 2017, Pinterest has used AI to allow users to use an image to search for images with similar elements. It’s also possible to shop directly from the platform. Some say Pinterest is uniquely suited to social commerce because the whole point of the platform is discovery and inspiration, with many popular ‘pins’ showcasing clothing, furniture, and other products people buy based on aesthetic taste. 

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