Feb 23, 2024
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Orange Recommended a ‘Strong Buy’ by Analysts

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Orange S.A. 

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The company is in ‘above average’ financial health according to analysts. 

The value of ORAN has gone up 3.15% in the last week, and analysts expect this upwards trend to continue. They say it might increase +23.23% in the next 12 months, meaning that if you were to invest $1000, you could potentially profit $232.32.

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Being given a general recommendation of ‘Strong Buy’ from analysts means that there is overall a high level of confidence in Orange. ‘Strong Buy’ recommendations are fairly rare, and mean that analysts expect the stock to outperform the markets, and do very well financially in the near future. 

As well as standing to benefit from the value of the stock potentially increasing over the next 12 months, there’s also the chance to earn dividends. The dividend yield is currently 6.47%. 

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The company operates in 26 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Orange has been performing well internationally recently, growing its revenue in the MENA region by 11.4 percent in the last year. The EU has also just approved a joint venture between Orange and Spanish hybrid mobile network operator MásMóvil.

Last year, the French telecoms company managed to cut its costs by approximately US$325.6 million, despite inflation.

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You can find this one under ‘Analyst Recommended’. 

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