Apr 2, 2024
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Novo Nordisk In The News Again After Deal With Cardior 

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Novo Nordisk A/S

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Cardior, the company that Novo Nordisk has agreed to buy, aims to use RNA (Ribonucleic acid) to address the root causes of heart disease and cardiac failure. RNA is a molecule similar to DNA that has a lot of potential in medicine. Cardior has developed a drug that is currently in Phase 2 Clinical Study, as well as a range of other treatments which are at earlier research phases. 

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Novo Nordisk is the 12th most valuable company in the world, and analysts predict that it will only grow in value. It’s currently ranked by analysts as a ‘Buy’. 

If, as analysts suggest, NVO does rise in value from $128.90 to $142.28 in the next 12 months, anyone who invested $1000 might profit $102.56. 

NVO is a growth stock, meaning that the value of this stock for investors is not its dividends (Novo Nordisk actually pays out a below average amount on dividends). Instead, buyers stand to gain profit from the rising value of the stock itself, potentially selling it later when the value is higher. 

Going shopping: 🛒

Novo Nordisk seems keen to build on their existing success and continue to expand into other areas of treatment beyond their best selling diabetes and weight loss treatments. This deal is expected to go through in Q2 2024.

It’s not the giant’s first acquisition of a pharmaceutical company that specialises in RNA treatments - Novo Nordisk purchased Dicerna Pharmaceuticals in 2021, at a price of US$3.3bn.

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