Apr 29, 2024
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New US Factory For ‘Strong Buy’ Taiwan Semiconductors | Nemo

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

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The US has pledged an investment of US$6.6 billion in grants to TSM, as well as promising approximately US$5 billion in loans. This agreement aims to help the chip manufacturers build their third US factory. One “fab” or fabrication plant is under construction in Arizona, where the new facility will be - another is already running in Washington, having been built in 1998.

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TSM has been one of the biggest stocks on the market for some time now, and is currently recommended as a ‘Strong Buy’. The news that the Biden administration has committed money to helping the company further establish itself in the US suggests that TSM will see continued growth as their products become more easily accessible to the US companies that depend on them. TSM is already the supplier of choice for gigantic companies like Nvidia and Apple. 

Up and up: 🧗‍♀️

Over the last 6 months, TSM has risen in value by a whopping 61.98%. Wall Street has grouped TSM in their ‘AI Five’, which some see as taking the place of the well-known group, the ‘Magnificent Seven’. The ‘AI Five’ is Nvidia, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Advanced Micro Devices, Broadcom, and Microsoft.

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