May 11, 2024
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Dividend-Paying Qualcomm Gets Major New Investment | Nemo

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Qualcomm Incorporated

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Qualcomm has been in the news quite a lot recently, with ARK Invest buying shares in the company on 30 April. 

Qualcomm has also announced a partnership with SatNav company TomTom. TomTom will be providing map data and APIs to support the Qualcomm Aware Platform, Qualcomm’s Internet of Things system which enables devices to intelligently connect with each other as well as to the internet. 

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Qualcomm’s stock has soared in value by 52.07% over the last 6 months. However, it is predicted to now potentially fall in value. Analysts think over the next 12 months it could fall from $179.29 to $168.48, a drop of 6%. 

However, it’s still recommended by analysts as a ‘Buy’, and it’s also an income stock. It’s received recent media attention for its dividends payout - investors who put in $1000 would be paid $18.40 a year in dividends (based on the last 12 months). While this is what analysts have called a ‘modest return’, it could still be a useful addition to an investor’s portfolio. 

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Qualcomm Incorporated is a tech company that specialises in networks like 5G and Wi-Fi, calling itself ‘the world’s leading wireless technology innovator’. Qualcomm also work in the AI and smart devices space, including interesting developments in the car industry - this work involves connectivity and telematics, computing, driver assistance and automated driving. The company also creates semiconductors which are very valuable for the tech industry across a wide variety of electronic products. 

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