Jul 5, 2024
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Dell Has Strong Earnings, Key Player In AI | Nemo

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Dell Technologies Inc

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Dell is playing an increasingly large role in the US AI market. CEO Michael Dell recently announced a high profile deal with xAI, in which Dell and Super Micro Computers will contribute towards the building of a gigantic data centre. The data centre will also feature up to 100,000 GPUs made by Nvidia. 

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Analysts at Simply Wall Street say that Dell stock is trading 2.3% below the value they estimate it has, meaning that they think it is currently priced fairly for investors and not over or under priced. Overall, analysts think it will rise in value more than that. It’s predicted to increase from $142.67 to $157.13 in the next 12 months - an increase of 10.14%. If you invested $1000, you might profit $101.38. 

One of the reasons analysts see this opportunity to profit is that the company’s earnings are predicted to grow by 12.34% this year. xAI’s product Grok is coming out soon, and some analysts have predicted that excitement around its release will drive investor interest in other US AI stocks - like Dell. Dell’s status in the AI market has been reinforced by its deal with xAI. 

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Dell Technologies manufactures computers and servers, as well as producing software and security products. The company has two branches. Its Infrastructure Solutions Group segment offers solutions that address artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, and multi cloud environments. Its Client Solutions Group segment offers branded personal computers (PCs) including notebooks, desktops, and workstations, as well as other branded items including displays, docking stations, keyboards, mice, and webcam and audio devices. 

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