May 8, 2024
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Could Oracle Corp Acquire TikTok’s US Operation? | Nemo

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Oracle Corp

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A bill that would either ban TikTok in the US or force a sale has just passed the senate in the US, due to concerns about data protection of American users. If it goes through, it could force TikTok to sell their US operations before a year is out.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance have actually already partnered with Oracle before, who helped set up ‘Project Texas’, an initiative to keep this user data in separate US data centres. Apparently Oracle earned as much as US$1.5 billion on the project. Oracle and Walmart also previously teamed up to offer to buy TikTok but the deal did not go through in the end. Journalists have suggested that Oracle may try again to buy the social media platform. 

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Whether or not Oracle buys TikTok, they are currently recommended as a ‘Buy’ by analysts, who say that the value of the company’s stock (ORCL) could rise by 18.72% over the next year. This would mean that if you invested $1000, you might profit $187.19.

Oracle is also in ‘Excellent’ financial health according to analysts, and it also pays dividends (although the yield is ‘Below Average’, so investors might not get a significant return on investment through dividends alone). 

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Oracle’s history begins in 1977 as a California startup. While most well known for its database software and cloud computing tools, Oracle also sells hardware such as servers and mainframes designed for the storage of large quantities of data. Last year the company ranked 80 in the Forbes Global 2000. In 2020, it was the third largest software company in the world. 

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