Mar 5, 2024
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Could IZEA Worldwide Inc Increase In Value By A Whopping 250%?

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IZEA Worldwide Inc

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Analysts predict the price of IZEA Worldwide Inc might increase from $2.01 to $8.75 in the next 12 months. This means that if you invested $1000, you might profit $2500.00. 

Analysts also think IZEA might count as a ‘cheap’ stock, with a low Price to Book Value of 0.48 - this indicates that the stock might be undervalued right now. 

Expanding: 🏙️

As well as its popular creator marketplace where brands can search for influencers to partner with, the company offers end-to-end managed services to its customers, planning every part of a new campaign and strategy. IZEA has recently acquired Hoozu, the biggest influencer marketing company in Australia - this is part of a pattern of international expansion as in recent years IZEA has also launched operations in the UK and South Korea. IZEA also bought Zuberance at the end of last year, a marketing software company which helps brands quickly and easily create content from customer reviews and case studies. The number of users on IZEA hit 1 million late last year.

High tech contender: 🧑💻

IZEA launched the first ever influencer marketing platform nearly a decade ago in 2006, before influencer marketing even had a name! Since then they have become a major player in the space, perhaps partly because they have introduced a number of smart new features. In Q3 2023, the company added generative AI tools to its Creator Marketplace, giving users the option to use advanced AI video editing in their work. With the new Talking Portraits feature, in-house marketers or busy influencers can upload a still image, write a script, and choose from a range of voice options, to get brand new video content. IZEA are clearly excited about the possibilities AI offers, and are jumping on the chance to offer influencers and marketers easy-to-use solutions that will help them create the best content they can. 

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You can find IZEA under ‘What Analysts Say’.

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