Mar 25, 2024
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Cineverse Corp Is A ‘Strong Buy’ According to Analysts

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Cineverse Corp

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Analysts feel that the entertainment company is a ‘Strong Buy’ because while the share price is currently only $1.34, the Target Price is $9. This is significant upside potential, as it is considerably higher than the current price of the stock. 

While no longer at the peak in value reached on 21 March, the stock is still valued higher than it has been since 28 February. This week alone, the value of CNVS has gone up by 8%.

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The value of CNVS is predicted to increase by a massive 538.3%. This means that if you were to invest $1000, you might profit $5382.98. So investors who buy before the value of Cineverse Corp goes any higher could stand to potentially profit more, if the value does increase as predicted. 

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Cineverse Corp was originally a provider of cinema equipment, products and services (such as physical and electronic distribution) before moving into content. The company rebranded from Cinedigm to Cineverse in 2023, adopting the name of its flagship streaming platform. 

Cineverse Corp’s impressive library has 60,000 film and TV titles, and it also has several other streaming services, including Screambox which is dedicated to the horror genre. 

In February this year, the company announced the upcoming launch of two innovative AI tools: CineSearch, an AI assisted search engine for viewers to use, and Ava, an AI advisor who will recommend films. Users will be able to use CineSearch to find films based on plot, mood, musical score, and micro-genre, but both AI tools will also be equipped with users’ viewing history, in order to provide a personalised experience. 

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