Jun 10, 2024
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Buy Alphabet Stocks Today To Get Dividends | Nemo

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Alphabet Inc

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Anyone who invests in Alphabet Inc (formerly Google) by today will qualify to receive the next dividends payout. It’s not massive but shareholders will be paid US$0.20 per share. Analysts have observed that it’s a good sign that the company is now offering dividends - they have described it as an indication of Alphabet’s strength, success and financial security. 

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Analysts think that while the dividend payout is currently not that high, the company may increase its payout to shareholders over time. On the whole, they also think that the value of Alphabet’s stock may continue to grow, potentially rising by 9.09% over the next 12 months from rom $173.03 to $190.23. One reason why analysts predict continued growth for Alphabet is that they think it has taken an intelligent approach to integrating AI into its services - Alphabet has been compared to Microsoft in that both are bringing in generative AI to improve the user experience. However, while Microsoft relies on Open AI’s ChatGPT, Alphabet uses its own in-house product, Gemini. This gives Alphabet more power over the way it can use AI. 

Beyond search: ⌨️

Alphabet, formerly known as Google, made its reputation and its fortune as a search engine. The holding company now also offers the web browser Chrome, internet advertising tools for businesses, YouTube, and many other apps and products from Google Maps to the mobile device operating system Android. Today, Alphabet’s market capitalization is 2.15 trillion USD. 

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