Jun 14, 2024
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Broadcom Up After Stock Split Announcement | Nemo

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Broadcom Inc 

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Broadcom has plans for a 10-for-1 stock split, set to take effect on 15 July. This will increase the number of stocks available, with every shareholder (registered as of 11 July) receiving an additional 9 shares for each share they hold (as of 12 July). The CFO Kirsten Spears said the goal was to “make ownership of Broadcom stock more accessible to investors and employees”. 

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Analysts say stock splits in general make stocks more affordable, lowering the share price, which makes the stock in question more desirable to investors who now perceive it as within their reach. Stock splits also increase the market liquidity of the shares. A stock split can be interpreted as an indication that the company is feeling confident about the continued growth in value of the stock - and this is how analysts and investors are responding to Broadcom’s announcement, with Broadcom stock rising by over 13% yesterday. 

As well as being excited about the stock split, analysts are also impressed by Broadcom’s Q2 2024 financial results. Revenue is up 43% from the previous year, to US$12.5 billion, a high increase. Analysts think this suggests that Broadcom is financially in good shape, and likely to continue its growth. 

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Broadcom is a global technology company that designs, develops, and supplies a range of semiconductor, enterprise software and security solutions. As of last year, over 70% of the company’s revenue came from semiconductor-related products. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company has a long history in the tech industry - its origins lie in HP Associates, a semiconductor division of Hewlitt-Packard, established in 1961. Broadcom’s NICs (network interface controllers) are used by Apple, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Raspberry Pi.

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