May 2, 2024
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Axogen Could Increase In Value By 24.58% | Nemo

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Axogen, Inc

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The value of stock in Axogen has risen by a huge 77.49% in the last 6 months. While AXGN did dip in the last month, it has begun to climb again. 

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Analysts predict the price of AxoGen, Inc. will increase from $10.97 to $13.67 in the next 12 months. If this happens, if you invested $1000, you could profit $245.82. 

AXGN is currently recommended as a ‘Strong Buy’ - analysts see significant potential for the stock to increase in value.

Medical innovation: 🩺

Founded in 2002, Axogen, Inc produces technologies which are used in nerve regeneration and nerve repair. The company’s medical products help restore feeling and muscle function and to reduce pain in patients, who in most cases have either suffered an injury or gone through surgery that has damaged their nerves. 

Axogen’s products include nerve grafts made from human donor tissue, as well as devices called nerve connectors and nerve protectors which are implanted to support the patient’s own nerves as they regrow. 

Some of the patients who have been treated with Axogen technology include women who had lost sensation in the chest after breast cancer surgery, people who suffered gunshot wounds, and people whose sports injuries caused them nerve pain. 

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