May 31, 2024
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AST SpaceMobile Partners With Verizon - Up 86.61% | Nemo

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AST SpaceMobile - found on Nemo under ‘AST & Science, LLC’ 

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Verizon is currently working on a project, aiming to provide total broadband coverage across the whole of the US using satellites. This is a goal that AT&T shares, and AST SpaceMobile has previously contracted with this company too. AST SpaceMobile has now made an additional partnership with Verizon, in a deal involving a cash injection of US$100 million for the satellite builder. AST SpaceMobile has said the broadband provided from the company’s satellites will support voice and video calls, as well as providing users with access to data. 

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Although the stock has already risen by a whopping 86.61% this week, analysts think it’s got further to go. If, as they predict, it rises from $8.60 to $13.28, this increase of 36.77% could give those who invest $1000 a profit of $367.66. 

The stock is currently recommended a ‘Buy’ by analysts. One reason why AST SpaceMobile stock might continue to rise is that investors are excited about the forthcoming launch of the first 5 Block 1 BlueBird satellites, which the company says will take place later this year. Investors who believe in the service’s success and popularity have decided to put their money in AST SpaceMobile. There are several rivals attempting to also deliver satellite broadband, including SpaceX’s Starlink which has partnered with T-Mobile. 

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AST SpaceMobile was founded in 2017 under its original name AST & Science LLC. The founder, Abel Avellan, remains the chairman and CEO today. He previously founded Emerging Markets Communications, another satellite communications company which was acquired for US$550 million in 2016. AST SpaceMobile launched its prototype Bluewalker 3 satellite in 2022. 

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