Feb 15, 2024
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As Bitcoin blows up, some say BlackRock’s $BIT is the best investment choice

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iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF 

Solid as a (Black)Rock: 🏰

With the exciting news that Bitcoin can now be traded as an exchange traded fund, there are more and more options available, many of which are doing very well. But iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF (or $BIT) is the only one funded by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager - and some say it is performing better than the rest. 

BlackRock has cut the expense ratio for this stock down to 0.12%, helping investors maximise the returns they can make by reducing fees - one of the reasons people are flocking to invest in $BIT. 

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$BIT’s inflows reached nearly $500 million earlier this week, and Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas said on Tuesday that the ETF is now in the Top 7% of all ETFs by size. That’s seriously fast as the ETF has only been trading for 23 days.  

In the last month, $BIT has risen in value by 21.15% - if you had invested $1000 a month ago, you would have earned $211.50. 

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