Mar 7, 2024
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Alibaba Group Is Recommended A ‘Buy’ By Analysts

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Alibaba Group 

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Analysts predict the price of Alibaba Group will increase from $73.95 to $111.42 in the next 12 months. This would mean that investors who bought $1000 in BABA might profit $545.51. Alibaba Group is currently in the news after leading funding rounds for several Chinese AI startups, most recently MiniMax. This indicates that the company is looking to invest in this space, and perhaps continue to innovate and grow its brands by integrating AI. 

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Alibaba Group is considered to be in ‘Excellent’ financial health by analysts, having US$128.84 billion revenue in the trailing twelve months. The company also has a healthy cash flow per share of $7.84 over the last twelve months.

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While perhaps most well-known as an e-commerce company which sells to customers overseas as well as those based locally in China, Alibaba Group is a company that is also deeply involved in other sectors. The company’s work also sits within local consumer services, digital media and entertainment, logistics, cloud software, home electronics and technology research. Alibaba Group describes its three strategic areas as: “Consumption, Cloud and Globalization”. Since it was founded in 1999, it has grown to a hugely successful company that employs 235,216 as of last March. 

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‘Made in China’, ‘Top Stocks in AI’, ‘Big Tech’ and ‘Gaming’

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