Mar 21, 2024
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After Partnering With Meta, Verb Technology Company Inc Value Soars

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Verb Technology Company Inc

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The price of Verb Technology Inc recently increased rapidly by 266.20% in a single day, after Verb Technology’s press release announced a new partnership with Meta. 

It seems that Meta is keen to replicate some of the success that platforms like TikTok have found using or other shopping integrations. Facebook and Instagram users would be able to watch streamed product demonstrations or other sales content, and make a purchase without leaving the app. 

This move can be interpreted as a vote of confidence in Verb Technology’s product, as well as indicating a likelihood that further platforms might soon wish to integrate the software. 

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It’s currently recommended as a ‘Buy’ by analysts, who say that the stock may increase in value by +3967.80% over the next 12 months. If it did rise from $0.38 to $6.00 in value as they predict, someone who invested $1000, might profit $39677.97. As you can see, there is potential for a good profit.

VERB does not offer dividends, and is currently rated by analysts as having ‘Average’ financial health - but the amount by which its value could continue to increase is sure to tempt some investors. 

Shopping on social: 🛍️ is Verb Technology’s most successful product - it allows brands, creators or influencers, as well as retailers to set up a real-time shopping event. It’s like a digital shopping channel. From mobile or desktop, viewers can tune into the livestream, interact with the host, and of course shop! Verb Technology software products also include tools for the creation of interactive webinars, as well as CRM tools. The company was founded in 2012.

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