Frequently asked questions

What are the trading hours?

Trading hours vary depending on the market you are looking to invest in. For each market, Nemo will guide you showing you when it’s open, or closed, in your local time ⏰. 

Can I invest in the full list of stocks within a neme rather than individual stocks?

Not yet, but we’re working hard on letting you invest in a neme as whole soon. Watch this space! ⬅

Can I buy only a fraction of a share?

Absolutely, yes. Instead of having to purchase a whole stock, with Nemo you can become the owner of a slice of your favourite companies based on how much you’re willing to invest 🍰.

Can I invest in ETFs?

Yes. Nemo offers around 1,500 ETFs to choose from. When you invest in an ETF (exchange-traded funds), you get a bundle of assets you can buy and sell during market hours—potentially lowering your risk and exposure, while helping to diversify your portfolio.

Why can investing in the UAE mean you pay less tax?

If you live in the UAE you won't pay income tax or capital gains tax on the money you make from investing*. If you have moved to the UAE from another country, it is often better to invest in stocks and shares with a UAE broker, than to invest with a broker from your "home" country where you will likely have to pay income tax or capital gains tax on the profits you make from investing. 

Tax rules and obligations are complicated. Given the complexity, we have to recommend you consult with a tax advisor for your specific situation. 

* For residents of the UAE, a US tax on dividends (30%) is automatically deducted from any dividends you receive from US-based stocks and ETFs traded on Nemo.

Can I invest in cryptos?

Yes, you can. Your Crypto CFD account is readily available as soon as you complete the registration process.

However, you should know that while investing in cryptos through this account you are not actually buying the digital coins, but rather speculating on their price going up or down. There are a number of advantages to investing in crypto CFDs with Nemo: no need for a crypto wallet, speed of transaction, lower fees, regulatory protection, and no exposure to theft or loss.

Can I trade commodities, FX, indices?

Yes, you can trade the most popular commodities, currency pairs, and indices with your Boost account in Nemo.

What fees will I be charged?

Investing and trading with Nemo is commission-free. However, there are some typical costs everyone who invests and trades is subject to. These are:

Spreads: It is the difference between the BUY and SELL price of the instrument you’re investing in. This is a cost for participating in the financial market, and everyone in the world who invests or trades pays it.

Overnight financing (also known as swaps): You will incur these if you are actively trading via your Boost account. It is the cost of keeping a position open overnight when trading leveraged CFDs.

Can I use leverage?

Yes, in your Boost account. In Nemo, we call Leverage the Boost Factor. The Boost Factor depends on what you choose to trade:

Indices: 20:1

Commodities (excl. Gold): 10:1

Gold: 20:1

Forex: 30:1

What is ‘Limit your losses’?

When you are opening a trade via your Boost account, you can limit your losses by setting a maximum loss at which your position will automatically close. This protects you from losses you're not willing to incur.

What is ‘Lock-in profit’?

When you are opening a trade via your Boost account, you can set a target profit and, if the price moves in your favour, your position will automatically close at the right time to cash it in.