Frequently asked questions

What is Nemo?

Nemo stands for Never Miss Out. We are a mobile platform designed to put investment ideas at your fingertips so that it's easy for you to spot them and invest. Browse through categories and nemes to explore trends, industries and hot topics, then decide whether to make your investment in seconds or skip - all from your smartphone. We'll keep the opportunities coming!

What are Nemes?

Nemes are collections of stocks centred around a specific industry, topic, or trend. Each neme is packed with investment ideas enriched with ultra-relevant data, so it’s easy to spot an opportunity that interests you and matches your goals.

Can I follow Nemo on social media?
Who can open a Nemo account?

Nemo is currently available around the world. To open a Nemo account, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Not be a USA citizen or tax resident

Please note: there are additional regulatory restrictions based on nationality and tax residency which may affect your ability to open an account. Please contact our customer support if you have further questions on eligibility.