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Nemo cuts out the noise, and helps you find investment opportunities that match your ambitions. We’re Nemo: Never Miss Out.

Power up with data

We intelligently use data from Refinitiv, Reddit, Twitter and more to curate investing ideas that are right for you. 
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A.I.? Green energy? Space? Register in just 30 seconds and start investing in ideas you believe in.
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Why choose Nemo?

Invest in global stocks

Invest in global stocks from $3

The Nemo app is designed so that you never miss out on opportunities (it's in the name!), plus you can start from only $3 👌
We're Gen-Z ourselves

We’re Gen-Z ourselves

Our parent brand is 25 years old. This means you're in great company with a team who have tons of experience in online trading as well as 2m+ clients worldwide 🌍
Easy to get started

Easy to get started

Creating an account is easy, secure and quick. You could be investing in a matter of minutes if you create an account today.


It's all about fantastic pricing at Nemo, which means that you get to keep more of your potential profits 🤑
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Investing with Nemo is secure

Data protection

Data protection

When you're investing with Nemo, your data is secured with SSL encryption, and protected in line with ADGM Data Protection Regulations.
Deposit protection

Deposit protection

All deposits of up to $500,000 are protected with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Your funds are completely segregated from our own.
ADGM FSRA Regulated

ADGM FSRA regulated

We work in full compliance with ADGM FSRA, one the country’s best regarded regulators. Oh, and did we mention our offices are local too? Helps to know we're never too far away.