That's not Nemo misspelled. That's how much commission we charge. Zero.

Spreads simplified

You need to know about spreads. It is the difference between the price you can buy a stock at, and the price you can sell it at. This is a cost for participating in the financial market, and everyone in the world who invests or trades pays it. Some providers charge a commission as well as the market spread, while others may widen the spread to offer commission-free investing.
Neither of those is us.
We ensure you get the best price and tightest spread. Investing with us is totally commission-free, and we don't receive any portion of spread.

Earn as you lend

Securities lending is a common practice when your stocks are lent out to other firms. This allows you, Nemo and third party providers to earn a small rebate, while the borrowers can access the stocks they need to complete a trade or hedge a position.

Your stocks are only lent out to firms that meet Nemo's high standards, and the money you earn from this activity will be added to your Balance.

Earn even if you haven’t invested

We love investing here at Nemo, and we hope you do too. Sometimes we have money in our accounts that is yet to be invested. You can earn an interest % on those funds in your stocks investing account, just like you would with a bank account. This means that the interest will start accumulating once your cash is transferred out of your Wallet into your stocks account. Once you’ve earned interest, you will see it pop up in your stocks account balance.

We're transparent about how we make money

If we don’t charge commission, and we don’t take any portion from spreads, how can we afford to give you excellent pricing… and pay for coffee to fuel our enthusiasm? Fair question.
When you invest with Nemo, you are getting the best available price which is routed to the market for execution. We are paid a small amount every time we do this. Right now, it is our only revenue stream, which is is not nearly enough to cover our costs.
That's why our masterminds are cooking up further app developments, and will soon be adding exciting asset classes to our offering. This will then supplement our income, enabling us to keep innovating for you.
This page will be updated as we grow. It’s important to us that we are honest about how we make money and what charges your investments will carry, as this could have been the reason you’ve chosen Nemo over someone else. Our full-on transparency will never change.

Nemo. It stands for never miss out.

No more FOMO: install Nemo today and never miss out on another investment opportunity.